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New Orleans Engagement

Have you always dreamt of a New Orleans Engagement. We here at Take My Hand, will make your dreams into a reality. The amazing music, the beautiful buildings, the mouth watering cajun food, and so much more, you are one step closer to your beautiful romantic proposal.

Welcome to "Who Dat" nation. The beautiful dome, the old colorful buildings, the haunted areas or NOLA, and amazing music and food. You could get lost for weeks in this place and be completely ok with it. That makes planning an engagement here truly one of a kind. But planning the engagement can be hard and we want to be with you every step of the way to make sure the only thing you have to stress about is bending the knee.


Do you have an idea already of what you are planning to do for the big day? Are you a bit nervous about planning the entire thing from scratch? There can be quite a process when it comes to planning such a huge day. Some would say it's almost as big as the wedding. We here at Take My Hand want to make sure you are in the "right hands"  when making these decisions.

When looking to propose make sure you are knowledgable about everything in the surrounding area so that you make the right choices, have the best deals, get the right reservations, and hire the correct vendors! Take My Hand Proposals will consult you and help you make the best decisions possible. We look forward to talking to you and hopefully working with you!

Places to get Engaged in New Orleans

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