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How to Pull off a Romantic Engagement

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

First things first. Don't tell a lot of people. As a matter of fact don't tell anyone who you think for a second could blab their mouth. Keep your circle tight until the very last moment.

Step two, If your partner has a father, make sure to be traditional and ask him or whomever would be giving your partner away. It's still a thing so make sure to not forget this.

Step three, find a location you want to propose, and I don't mean at a house or restaurant, I mean location as in a Nashville Engagement , or country, or somewhere special or romantic. This can be a huge turn off if you choose to do it in your mom's basement.

Step four, make sure you spend a good amount of time looking at rings, finding the right ring your partner wants, and their size without them finding out.

Step five pick a day and month that works best for you both! Don't plan it around the busiest work schedule of the year.

Step six, start planning the day and if you aren't creative find a company that can help you plan the day to your liking such as Take My Hand Proposals. That way your special moment is perfectly executed with no hiccups.

Step seven, bend the knee and say the words that come from your heart, not words that you have tried to doesn't work!


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