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About us

What are proposal planners?

With over 14 years of professional event planning & management experience, our team brings to you the most personalized proposal planning packages throughout Nashville, the U.S and Internationally.


Look at us as your best friends throughout this process, your best man and maid of honor, if you will. You can choose from one of our perfectly laid out packages custom made for prior clients, or allow us to create one just for you with our Questionnaire.

You should never be ashamed of hiring a proposal planner, just as you would not be ashamed to hire a wedding planner. We are here to make things easier for you. We will take as much input or as little input as you have to offer and from there we will create the most beautiful, romantic, adventurous day you could have ever hoped for.

What can Engagement planners do for you?

Take My Hand is a full-service Nashville Proposal Planning Company dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience for you and your soon to be Fiance. We combine seasoned knowledge with inspiration and ingenuity, transforming your personalities and interests into the most elegant, extraordinary moment of your life.


Whether you simply need guidance towards that perfect moment or need one of our experts to tailor your entire journey, Take My Hand is here for you. Contact us so we can start working together to plan your perfect proposal today.

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Zach H.

CEO & Head of Events

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Tamara M.

Marketing Director

The Team


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Event/Proposal Coordinator


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Event/Proposal Coordinator

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Event Coordinator / Photographer


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