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It's not all just about the Engagement!


Maybe you want a date that is simple yet elegant. Maybe you want some nice wine, cheese, and a charcuterie board while enjoying the sunset. Maybe you just want to have a picnic without having the trouble of setting up the picnic. Let our team of professional party planners help you make things luxury, fun, and easy.

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You didn't think we would miss this one did you? Are you coming to Music City looking for the best spots, coolest parties, and all around one of the best nights of your life? Let us plan your bachelor and bachelorette party WITH A TWIST!


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Tired of planning all the date nights? Need date ideas in the Nashville area or one of our other amazing locations? Maybe you just ran out of creativity? Wanting to do something special you haven't thought of before? Let us draw from our plethora of date ideas and plan it all for you. All you need to do is show up!



If you were our client for the proposal then the wedding is the next step! As one of the top luxury event and party planning agencies, we will put all of our effort, experience, and local connections into your wedding planning and coordination, making your wedding day the most special to the proposal we planned for you of course!

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Yes you heard us right. Promposals are all the hype and we will help you plan the one to beat them all. Everybody wants to ask their special someone to prom, but even better when how you asked it is the talk of the school for the next month. Our team of prom planning experts will sit down and help you plan, perfect, purchase and set up the entire event.

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