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Atlanta Engagement

Discover the perfect blend of Southern sophistication and urban charm for your marriage proposal in Atlanta, Georgia. From the historic beauty of Piedmont Park to the iconic skyline views at Jackson Street Bridge, our curated Atlanta proposals capture the essence of romance in every detail. Picture your unforgettable moment against the backdrop of lush botanical gardens at the Atlanta Botanical Garden or under the cascading water features at the serene Centennial Olympic Park. With a diverse range of enchanting venues, from the historic Swan House to the modern vibes of Ponce City Market, Atlanta provides a unique canvas to paint your love story. Let the rich cultural heritage, delectable cuisine, and Southern warmth elevate your proposal to an extraordinary celebration of love. Choose Atlanta for a marriage proposal that resonates with timeless elegance and contemporary allure, creating memories as captivating as the city itself.

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Planning a trip to Atlanta?

Atlanta beckons as a captivating backdrop for your proposal, offering a tapestry of experiences that blend Southern charm with modern allure. From the lush greenery of Piedmont Park to the dynamic energy of the BeltLine, the city provides an array of scenic settings to frame your love story. Picture the iconic skyline as your witness atop Jackson Street Bridge or opt for the historic allure of Swan House's gardens. Atlanta's cultural richness, evident in landmarks like the Fox Theatre and the High Museum of Art, adds a touch of sophistication to your special moment. The city's diverse neighborhoods, from the trendy vibes of Midtown to the historic charm of Virginia-Highland, offer unique settings to suit every couple's style. Embrace the fusion of tradition and innovation, as Atlanta becomes the canvas for a proposal that transcends the ordinary, marking the beginning of a love story uniquely woven into the fabric of this vibrant Southern metropolis.


When looking to propose make sure you are knowledgable about everything in the surrounding area so that you make the right choices, have the best deals, get the right reservations, and hire the correct vendors! Take My Hand Proposals will consult you and help you make the best decisions possible. We look forward to talking to you and hopefully working with you!

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