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Custom Packages

You think it. We Create it. Anything you want our team of experts will work with you to plan the perfect custom marriage proposal

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I Did My Best

These packages are for the budget friendly while still doing our best to make that dream proposal come true


Cookie Cutter

"but still tastes good

These packages are solid well performed packages we have a lot of clients asking for. Although they are similiar it's the upgrades you add that put the personal touch into them


They can't say NO

Our guaranteed, knock them off their feet, one of a kind proposals to truly have them talking about it for years to come​


Money can't buy love

"but you can try"

These packages are made for the "money isn't a problem" couples that have no issues going over the top for the one they love.


Fly me away or I don't want it

These will be custom made international packages that we will work closely on to ensure a beautiful overseas proposal


DIY Marriage Proposal Boxes

We also have Date Night, Anniversary, & Post-Engagement Boxes

Looking for a way to make your proposal or date night special but don't have a lot of extra funds to make it happen? Look no further! Take My Hand has created stunning DIY Marriage Proposal Boxes we ship directly to your door. Whether you're looking for the perfect at home proposal, anniversary, or date or maybe just looking for that special after the proposal gift box. We have it here!


Contact us here for a 

 proposal package free Consultation

Are you looking for the perfect way to plan your engagement? Take My Hand’s marriage proposal packages are the solution! We have it all, from the simple to the most extravagant proposal ideas to create your special day Scroll down and let your mind wander through some of the most beautiful locations and give yourself the tools needed to create the best proposal ever.  We have a variety of engagement package options and offer custom planning that can range as simple as an elegant dinner and hotel room filled with rose petals, balloons and champagne, or as extravagant as your mind could possibly imagine..

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