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Get ready for a night of unforgettable fun and charm for your Bach Bash! Our Bach Babes will help spruce up any celebration.


All-Inclusive package includes: 


  • Two hours with two of our stunning Bach Babes ready to serve as your personal bartenders/butlers.


  • A selection of expertly crafted drinks and exquisite mixers to elevate your celebration. You provide the libations, we provide the personal bartenders/butlers.


  • A curated music playlist to set the perfect tone for your bash, ensuring a soundtrack that matches the vibe. We've got the sound!


  • Engaging party games designed to spark laughter and create lasting memories.


  • Entertainment that goes beyond the ordinary, making your bach bash a night to remember.


Add-On Services: 


  • Personalized Airbnb Decor: Customized decorations or luxury setup, creating a personalized atmosphere to kick off the party at your airbnb.


  • Photo Booth Experience: Capture moments in style with a photo booth, where guests can strike a pose and feel as glamorous as Hollywood royalty.


  • Theme: Choose a theme for the entire group to wear, including our bach babes, to create a visually cohesive and vibrant atmosphere. 


  • Professional Photography/Videography: Ensure capturing the best moments of your event, where every photo is a work of art as rich as a masterpiece.


  • DJ Booth: Elevate the beats with our DJ Booth add-on, ensuring a night of non-stop grooving with a curated playlist that matches the rhythm of your celebration.


  • Expert Itinerary Planning: Let us take the reins in crafting the perfect night or weekend agenda. From trendy bars to exclusive hotspots, we've got it all planned for you.




  • Package starts at $500 for 2 hours, plus $150 for each additional hour for up to 4 hours.
  • Package pricing does not include add-on services.
  • Choose your Bach Babe! (Accommodation based on availability) 

Bartending Bash (Starting at $500)

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