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What you really crave...

Dream Packages

You want top of the line, then here is your top of the line. Below are just a few of our luxury packages that we can put together for you. Every package has upgrades to custom make these proposals to be completely unique to you and your partner. You are not limited to the below proposal ideas as we create fully custom proposals for you to make that special moment, the best night of your lives.

firework proposal.jpeg

You Can't Buy Love...But You Can Try

Looking to impress your partner with something big, something grand, something that would be a story worth telling? Then this is the right stop. Private fireworks, private dinner, private rooftop, craft cocktails made in your honor...and so much more.

Starting at $30,000

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The Wineaholics Dream Package

Both like to travel and drink wine? Then imagine a private helicopter tour/limousine  taking you directly the vineyard of choice where we have private bottles and a romantic private dinner in place to make this moment one of a kind.

Starting at $25,000

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That Yacht Life Package

Have you ever wanted to live that yacht life? Well now you can! We will rent out a yacht for you as you have a private chef cook up one of their special creations as you are served craft cocktails, listen to a beautiful musician as fireworks are shot up in the area just for this special moment.

Starting at $30,000

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