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Music is an important part to any marriage proposal. What is your partner's favorite song? Imagine a cellist, violinist, saxist, or guitarist in the background as you brim with excitement at how magical the moment is. Every small detail will contribute to making the special day unforgettable. 

 Would you like to add something a little extra? Imagine having  a song written just for this special occasion! A song that is created just for you and your fiancé. Words, music, melody that fit and tie into the relationship that you have built, showing how much you love your partner, that you can then use for the rest of your lives as a defining moment. It's details like this that matter the most!


What instrument do you find most romantic?

Do you want a soloist, duo, or trio? There are so many options and questions to answer, this is not something you want to miss out on. Take My Hand in Nashville will help you choose the right musician for your marriage proposal, song, or personalization that fits your relationship perfectly!

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