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Photographers / Videographers

I can't imagine not capturing a special moment in my life...imagine if you didn't capture the second most important moment of yours!!

Photography and videography is so important when it comes to a proposal.

Think about everyday life. Do you capture the epic, adventurous moments on Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok? If you answer is no then let me ask a better question...does your partner? Guaranteed they will say yes 100%. You would be amiss to think that not having a photographer during this special day is ok. This is almost as important as your wedding day will be. These photos will be the foundation of your scrapbook and what is yet to come!

So let's break this down. Do you want a photographer that will take paparazzi photos hidden away to keep the surprise in tact? Do you want a quick 15 minute engagement shoot right after the proposal to get more professional shots and seize the magic of the moment? Do you want the whole thing on video or droned? These are all questions that Take My Hand will help you answer!


These are the moments that you will look back on and share with your friends, family, and partner for the rest of your lives! Don't let this be the thing you miss. Take My Hand has some excellent resources to help guide you in choosing the correct proposal photographer and videographer based out of Nashville for your special day!


Interested in learning more?

Ask us a question HERE or click on "Start Here" to book a free zoom call with a proposal expert!

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