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10 Unique Engagement Ideas

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Let us help you think outside the box and all the other boring dates and proposals. What can you do to be different!

  1. Hire a personal chef: Imagine renting out an airbnb or a private penthouse and as you get up there with your partner you smell the most amazing mouth watering food ever. As you both walk in 2 glasses of wine are waiting for you as the chef begins to prepare as candles roses and a display of marry me is lit across the room...

  2. Hanging Photographs: PIck a room in the house and litter the floor with rose petals, white balloons, and hang with photos all scattered across the room of your relationship from different times to make your partner get in their feels and to get that unique experience you're looking for.

  3. Create a custom puzzle: Have fun putting together a hard or difficult puzzle, that when they put it together it spells out will you marry me. Simple yet effective for all you nerdy gamers out there.

  4. Scavenger hunt: Are you creative, is your partner fun? Create a game that leads them around town or around the house that ends with them finding the ring. Want some help planning the hunt? Call Take My Hand Proposals

  5. First date: Did you have an amazing first date? Bring back that special moment with a recreation of that date with all those special memories and items.

  6. Plan a picnic: Maybe this is something you never do and you want to make it super romantic. You can easily buy a picnic basket, a cover, get some pre-made meals and cheese trays, get a bottle of wine and over look a skyline somewhere!

  7. Organize a flash mob: Live in a big city? Does your partner love attention? Then this might be the perfect proposal for you. Don't know what a flash mob is? Call Take My Hand and we will set it up for you!

  8. Curtain Call: Do you both love shows or musicals? Coordinate with the producers of the shows to get them to bring you on stage or make an announcement for you to pop the big question. Not sure how to do this ask Take My Hand to make this happen for you!

  9. Aquarium: If you're into more unique ideas this could be one that will greatly take them by surprise. Imagine staring into the shark tank and suddenly you see someone holding a sign will you marry me...and you bend your knee hoping your partner saw the sign too.

  10. Photo booth: a cheap yet semi cute way to propose. Get yourselves into a photo booth and as it begins taking photos you pull out the ring. Saves on a photographer thats for sure!

If you like cute romantic proposal ideas or are looking for something a bit more engaging and memorable, and extravagant, contact Take My Hand Proposals as they do everything from skydiving, to helicopter proposals, rooftop international proposals, and amazing Nashville Unique Engagement Ideas.


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