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How to Propose in Nashville

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

That's easy! Get down on one knee...and ask!

Ok but for real proposing is such an under thought of and undervalued moment many people forget to take the time to be creative.

How many times do you hear stories where the partner who was engaged to says "oh yes my boyfriend (girlfriend) proposed and I can't wait to get married"...then their friend asks "aww how did they propose?"

Let me STOP you right there. If this story isn't amazing, romantic, well thought out, and unique to that individual, their answer will probably be, well he just did it in our house, or at dinner, or in front of the parents, or just handed it to me in his truck while driving...buttt did you see how big the diamond is?

This is the last thing you want them to say. This moment is the 2nd most important moment of your lives next to the wedding. You want this memory to be cherished and shared with all of your friends and family for years to come so don't skimp on the details and the romance. Think of the proposal as the most romantic date you have ever taken someone on, just with a little added flair (the ring).

So how do you go about proposing? Well, first off you need to have your creative juices flowing. What is special to your relationship, what are their favorite things to do, what makes them smile like no other person could...these are all starters.

Once you decide on this and you come to the conclusion that you want it to be a Nashville Romantic Engagement (or a location outside of your home city)...this is where you must either do a ton of research on different places, areas, and unique things from those corresponding cities or hire an engagement planner like Take My Hand Proposals to plan it for you and use your relationship as a guide to create the most romantic breath taking proposal geared towards what you both enjoy.

One way or another you must have this well thought out as this is not a day you want to mess up :)


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