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Places to Propose in Nashville

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

So you're looking to come on down to music city for that big moment. You're so excited your hands are sweating. Popping the question is a huge ordeal, it's even more overwhelming when you choose to do it in a city you've never been to!

You might be asking yourself...Where do I go to do this? How do I even begin to research the many possibilities of proposing in such a beautiful city.

Well let me tell you, it's not easy but with the right coaching and team behind me I will let you in on a few of our secrets right now for the Best Nashville Proposal Spots!

  1. If you are looking to spend a small amount of money but still want a beautiful proposal I recommend The Pedestrian Bridge. There is a small cut off in the middle that allows for space to take photos set up candles and have something romantic. The problem is the massive crowds. Unless you have someone or hire someone to block this off ahead of time and set it up you may find it hard to squeeze in to the area to actually pop the question.

  2. Cheekwood Estates is my number two. The entire place is set up for a romantic moment. There are many places where you can just pop the question. However remember not to mention to them that you're looking to plan a proposal there or else they will try to sell you on their very expensive proposal package!

  3. Another popular one we get clients wanting to do a lot is the Ryman Theater. If you know about it, you probably love it, and if you love it, then you probably want to pop the question here! The original place where bluegrass was born and then later many of the most famous country singers shared that stage. You have your chance to do the same.

  4. Arrington Vineyards is popular hot spot when visiting Nashville. It is about 35 minutes outside of town but well worth the drive. Beautiful views, wine, places to walk around, live music, have a picnic, and did I say wine? This is easy on the top list of places people want to propose at.

  5. And our last secret today, a downtown rooftop proposal. Nashville is known for it's many rooftops overlooking the city from different angles. If you have the money to put behind it or the right team to secure the spots. The rooftop can be one of the most romantic things you can do for your partner!

There are obviously so many more spots but we wanted to just give you an insight of ideas to get started with! If you are looking for more help or a team that will help you plan the entire proposal from scratch including securing the reservations, decorations, set up, locations, photographer, and more then check out Take My Hand Proposals and contact Zach or one of his event coordinators with any question you have!

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