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45 Ways to Propose

1. Caricature Artist – Imagine a caricature artist waiting for you at a special location that means a lot to you and your partner. They can hand draw the proposal or another romantic scene from your relationship.


2. Incorporate Pets – If your partner is an animal lover or you share a special pet, maybe you both like zoos. Think about the possibilities of what we can do to make this special!


3. Using a BIX BOX – Imagine having a big present sitting in the middle of a park or special location with your partner’s name on the box…Box after box until they get to the smallest ring box …they open it but nothing is in it….they turn around and you are on one knee with the ring in hand.

4. Custom Song – Have a song written by a local musician. We can make that happen for you! They can perform it and it becomes the most special song you and your partner have.

5. Pinterest Proposal – What do girls especially like to do…create their dreams and fantasy’s on pinterest. Let’s find their information and recreate it for them!


6. Holidays – Holiday proposals are a bit overrated, but doesn’t mean they can’t be special. If you’re really sneaky maybe you can do something really special but not propose…instead pop the question the next day or after the climax of the holiday is over with a huge party.

7. Escape Room – These are super fun dates. Imagine not only solving the clues to escape but also to their own proposal reveal!


8. Recreate A Music Video – Is there a musician your partner is obsessed with, re-create the music video in real love….see if they catch on!


9. Friends and Family – have them hold signs, maybe choreograph a dance, or come out as a surprise. You know your partner best, what would they like? We can help you decide this through our personalized questionnaire!











10. Picture Books – iMovie slide show? Picture book? Trip down memory lane until this moment? Make it special…and then when you get today make sure theres a picture of you bending the knee in a picture and then look at your partner!


11. Disney – If your partner is a lover of Disney, then you know what you must do. Just keep in mind they are a bit strict about what they allow at the park. We can help get all the details to this as it can be a bit strict.


12. Children– If you or your partner have kids…use them!. Get custom made shirts, have them memorize something cute, just don’t let them be in charge of the rings.


13. Fashion – Time to send your partner on a shopping spree with their friends…Just make sure you’re at the final location looking spiffy.


14. Fireworks – If you have the budget for it, then fireworks are a great way to add the “wow-factor” to all proposal ideas occurring at night. We will do the hard work and research the city rules and limits to prepare!


15. Skywriting – This is a grand gesture of love and can be a fun proposal idea. Just make sure you’re outside at the right time so you don’t miss it.



16. Sand Sculpture– Having a sculpture made representing important moments in your relationship.


17. Beach Setup – Private chef, pillows, tiki torches, we can do so many things! Get a free consultation now to learn more!


18. YACHT – If your partner loves the sea…get out and propose at the head of the boat like titanic with a private dinner waiting on board.


19. Photos– Get a photoshoot prepared or a couples shoot planned. Go around town and get cute photos and the last one get on one knee.


20. In the Snow – rose petals in the snow, a firepit in the background, maybe one of those igloo bubbles to have a private dinner in…so many ideas.


21. Hiking Adventure – If you are both outdoorsy, consider proposing on a hike. Set up something really special at the top of the peak. An example could be a romantic sign, rose petals, a musician, etc.



22. On Stage – Imagine proposing at a concert or broadway show…this does require a lot of lead time to arrange it with production so keep that in mind. We will plan this for you so make sure to have us come on to make the proper preparations.


23. Helicopter – If your partner loves flying, consider proposing on a private helicopter ride over the city. Just make sure they love to fly!


24. Picnic – Having a really romantic picnic is a great proposal idea. Any time of the year we can make sure we prepare your partner’s favorite food, drinks, music, and more.


25. Scuba – Scuba dive and make that proposal happen or have someone at an aquarium do it as you are standing outside of it.


26. Candles – Candles, LEDs, Rose petals. Things don’t have to be expensive to make it romantic. Let us help you do it!


27. Use Letters – Get Marquee letters that light up spelling out the words “marry me”.


28. Musician – Have a pianist or guitarist set up in a romantic room and when you walk in, they are playing your special song.


29. Memories – add personalization to any proposal idea by displaying photos around the proposal setup. Let us help with getting this all together!


30. Recreate Favorite Trips – What was your favorite date or trip…let’s re-create it for the proposal



31. Lyrics – Write a poem for your partner, or pick their favorite lyrics, or lyrics you believe fit your relationship and say them to your partner before proposing.


32. Scavenger Hunt –Make a list of a few places that are special to your partner and then write out some clues to each location. Have Take My Hand make sure the clues add up to the special place for you to propose.


33. Umbrellas – Have a bunch of umbrellas painted with “will you marry me” on the tops…as the rain hits down have the crew you hired pull down the umbrellas in a crowd so your partner sees the displaying letters …and you bend the knee in the rain.


34. A Cappella Serenade – Have us hire a quartet or group of singers randomly singing in the park to your favorite song…


35. Billboard – For a true city experience, consider proposing on a billboard in Times Square or in Las Vegas. This works well for people who like being the center of attention!


36. Flash Mob – These spontaneous dance routines are still a very popular grand display of affection. They can be a great proposal idea for someone who loves to be the center of attention. Let us find you the best package deals for this type of proposal!


37. Rooftop Proposal – Popular and perfect. Let us make it special for you as you over look the city in the sunset golden hour.


38. Private Chef – We mentioned this earlier but hire a private chef to make the night extra special.


39. Garden Proposal – Picnic, wine, beautiful views in the spring, summer, or fall…let us make this super special for you.


40. Culinary Proposal – If you and your partner love to cook, take a cooking class together with some wine or have them over and wear special aprons while cooking. The dessert can be the special proposal.


41. Private Dinner – Set up a private dinner for two overlooking the ocean or on a cliff like we did for Jeremy below. After that propose and a waiter can take your order and you can enjoy your romantic candlelit dinner.



42. Art Gallery – Does your partner enjoy art? You can rent out a private gallery and have them wonder why it’s so empty as your friends and family are hiding in the back waiting for the after proposal


43. Private Limo – Have the limo drive you around town to a private dinner, out for drinks, to a location that is special to you. Have some drinks in the car, look out the rooftop and watch the stars as you pop the question…the limo can then take you to the post engagement party.


44. Wine Tasting – go to a winery or brewery and have the host mention your names during the tour as you bend the knee


45. Hotel Room – Let us prepare this hotel room with rose petals, private chef, bubble bath, and more as you guys enjoy an afternoon out while we set it up!

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