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About to propose but unsure of what options are available to you? Worry no more, Take My Hand can offer you endless proposal planning services in all of our locations across the country with the goal of making your perfect day happen! First things first, let's make sure you have a to-do list that you can cross important items off of.

Think about each and every step of the day. What do you want to do, how do you want to coordinate it. Do you have the time to create the idea, coordinate a plan of action, make all the reservations, find all of the vendors, get the family and friends to show up, all without your soon to be fiancé knowing? Not an easy task and unless you are very clever, savvy, and have a lot of spare time, this almost never works the way you're hoping it will!


Nashville proposal experts
Nashville Engagement Planners

Let's talk about some of the main services you may want for your proposal. Your partner may want to remember it with their favorite song being played in the background, they will most likely be hungry,  photos to remember the day by is a must. However if there will be photos taken, they will want to have their hair and nails done. How do you go about planning this without them knowing? Take a deep breath. Take My Hand has your back!


Think about candles, roses, rose petals, a private chef, a suit for yourself, a hotel room for after, maybe an engagement party, personalized champagne flutes, and the engagement ring! The list goes on and on. Let our proposal planning services from Take My Hand prepare all of this for you so we can take the "stress out of love" and you can worry about the important stuff. Like popping the question!

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