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private Chef

Not everyone thinks of hiring a personal private chef in Nashville for their engagement. Yes of course you can go to a restaurant...but everyone goes to a restaurant. What can you do to make this moment, day, and experience one to never forget...You will hear us repeat this over and over. The proposal is the 2nd most important day of your lives. Don't spoil and waste this moment. Guaranteed your partner will praise you that much more for creating the perfect day. Let us take the stress away from the coordinating so that you can focus on popping the question!

A fancy restaurant is always nice for a special date, but also extremely cliche if you plan on proposing that way. Having a nice dinner as part of the magic of the night to that's different. Let the dinner be just one step of the journey instead of the destination. The anticipation and surprise of what you have planned next when your partner thinks the night is over will create euphoria and excitement .

When is comes to being super creative, that is where Take My Hand Proposals excels the most. 

Having a personal chef come out to the location your are proposing at, such as the beach with white linen table cloth and tiki torches, rose petals on the ground, and your chef off to the side blowing your minds away making a beautiful dish you could only ever imagine in your wildest dreams. Make this moment of a lasting one..

Final Touches

Interested in learning more?

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