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Don't forget about the details! Don't forget about the details!


Before starting this company, I can't tell you how many times have we have seen the most common, boring, unimaginative proposals to exist. Guys think spending a lot on the ring is the most important thing when it comes to proposing. I am here to tell you that IT IS NOT!!

8 times out of 10 the partner is more excited about the moment, the time spent to create such a perfect day, and the creativity that went behind remembering all their favorite things that you incorporated into the proposal. We at Take My Hand have you fill out a questionnaire that dives into your relationship so that we can help you remember all the important details, that way when we put together this proposal you will have all of the ammo at your disposal when it comes to popping the question.


Let's go over a couple important details.

Where are you going to host the engagement? How are you going to get your partner to the engagement venue? Will there be candles, roses, rose petals, a big MARRY ME Led sign, a private dinner, a musician, and or photographer? Will there be an after party engagement where you have to have all of your friends and family gathered and ready to go? Do you know your partner's rings size and the 4c's of the ring?


There are so many options it's sometimes hard to keep track of everything. Our Nashville wedding proposal planners are here to help you plan, organize, and produce the perfect proposal for you and your partner!

Interested in learning more?

Ask us a question HERE or click on "Start Here" to book a free zoom call with a wedding proposal planner in Nashville!

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