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Holiday Wedding Proposal Ideas in Nashville

Ever wanted to pop the question on your partner's favorite holiday? Imagine the twinkle in their eyes when you bend the knee in front of loved ones on one of the biggest days of the year. Take My Hand can help plan this perfect moment on any day you choose. Let's get to planning!

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Christmas Morning

Cliche, maybe....Romantic? Still most definitely.​ If your partner's favorite time of the year is Christmas, then make it extra special with a Christmas wedding proposal from Nashville’s top engagement planners. But don't just pop the question as a gift. Let Take My Hand create an entire Christmas engagement plan, complete with a clever ruse for your special partner so that they will not only remember this as a Christmas day, but as the best moment of their life.

Happy Couple

What's their Favorite Holiday?

I personally believe holidays are the wrong way to go when it comes to proposing. But that is one man's opinion. There are many people out there who dream of getting proposed to on a momentous day like Valentine's or Christmas. If this is what your heart is set on, who are we to tell you otherwise? We deliver on the best holiday wedding proposal ideas in Nashville. Let Take My Hand enhance the idea you already have into something elegant, beautiful, and amazing. We have your back every step of the way of your Christmas engagement plan or holiday proposal idea!

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