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How much will my proposal cost?

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How do you budget for the marriage proposal? You have to buy the ring, plan the special day, get family involved, and pay for everything. So how much do you need to spend? 

Every proposal is up to the individual, and the amount of money required will vary depending on the type of proposal they are looking to have.

How to create a cheap marriage Engagement

Proposals can be inexpensive if you do it right. Having a picnic at the park, a meal at a local restaurant  or day trip will usually be an affordable option. The ring of course you can't get around, but beyond that, expenses will depend on what you choose to buy. For example if you go out of town, need to buy plane tickets, want something a bit more fancy, musician, photographer, videographer, flowers, etc, the prices will begin to go up exponentially.  I believe you can do an affordable engagement for around $1000.

How to create a fancy but affordable marriage Engagement

This is where we can start looking at rooftop locations, a private chef to court your four course meail, and drinks underneath rose petals on a beautiful summer night. Maybe you want to take it up to a hotel room afterwards with champagne. With Take My Hand we can get you affordable prices that will still get the romantic upscale fancy side you are seeking for. I would look to spend between $1,000-$4,000 on this type of proposal

How to create an upscale romantic Engagement

Whether this be hiring a private limo to take you around town, flying to paris to propose under the Eiffel Tower, or renting out the Rockefeller Ice Skating ring to propose with a private Champagne toast at the top of the building afterwards.... Take My Hand can make this happen.  There are many various options we can give you to make this very special night the most romantic one you could ever dream of. Whether you want to pop the question privately or in public, domestically or internationally, we have your back. These proposals can range widely from $3,000 - $10,000 for domestic and $10,000 and up for international proposals. You must do what fits your budget and we will help you create the best proposal for the best price.

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