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Testimonials: Testimonials

James & Zoe

Nothing quite describes how easy TMH made this process when I thought my idea would be hard and stressful. They built it out every step of the way and kept me in the loop through the whole thing!


Jake & Bailey

I bought the VIP package after realizing how much work proposals truly take to plan and get everything exactly right. TMH made it seamless and easy. They were also super awesome to work with!


Brent & Jessica

Zach & his team really have a knack for building out proposals. I never would have thought of this alone and my girl was blown away at the outcome. Thanks!


Kristin & Steph

I could not be happier with the time and effort Sara put forth into my proposal to Steph. I wanted something extravagant and that's exactly what I received!


Gabe & Jenesa

The Questionnaire not only gave TMH the tools to build out my proposal but it made me realize all over again just how much I love my fiance!


Michael & Emma

So I wanted to do something crazy for Emma, something overseas, something she wouldn't forget. When I saw TMH's luxury package and after speaking with Zach on the phone I knew they were the right company to make my fantasy a realization. Sure enough they came through with flying colors. Thank you soo much TMH!

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