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How to Propose to your partner in 10 steps!

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

3 months ….4 weeks …10 days….TOMORROW… The days and months leading up to the proposal are filled with a lot of excitement, emotion, adrenaline, and anxiety. Don’t let these emotions stop you from putting on the 2nd most important moment of your life! Take My Hand is here to help you along the way from simple consultation all the way through planning the entire event!

Most partners expect from the time they were young to get a glorious, beautiful, romantic proposal. 80% of the time guys fail miserably at this. Don’t let this be you.

Take My Hand Proposals will help you!

Step 1: It’s not about YOU…it’s about your partner. The proposer often forgets this. They enjoy proposing to something they think they themselves would like. What you need to remember is how well do you know your soon to be? This is a defining moment you do not want to mess up. Luckily for you our company can help you with our personalized questionnaire to help dive deep into both of your lives and create a special moment that you will both be talking about for years to come.

Step 2: Get his/her dad’s permission. Please don’t forget this one. This is one of the most traditional steps out there and it’s not one easily forgotten. If they don’t have a dad, go to the mom, go to the grandparents, go to their best friend. Certain things such as this are soo important. Take him to dinner, buy him a small gift, do something special and unique, and having a sincere speech planned of why they should allow you to marry their special child.

Step 3: Deciding when to propose is also important. Time of year, extravagant or simple, the place, how it’s going to be done, and most importantly do you have the time and creativity to do this all yourself? If not, we are here to help!

Step 4: The engagement ring… yes how much to spend, what are the 4 C’s, what does she like and what is his/her finger size. These are not easy questions, and it’s even hard to find out what she likes without flat out asking her. You must be sneaky. Take my hand will walk you through this and we also have a preferred jeweler that gets you prices at almost wholesale pricing! In this respect we have your back and your pocket in savings!

Step 5: Do I need a proposal planner? Ask yourself some questions. Are you finding it challenging to come up with a unique and special idea? Are you unsure of how to put it all together? Do you have the time and creativity to come up with it all yourself and plan it without your soon to be finding out?

Step 6: Where to propose can be just as important as the ring. Making the location and how you form the proposal is what they will remember for the rest of their lives….for better or for worse. Don’t be the guy who messes up the proposal. Let’s help you plan the perfect location for this perfect day.

Step 7: What to say before the proposal…Yes this is almost like saying your vows at the wedding. You want to have something simple, yet sincere, something that brings a tear to your eye because it’s that impactful. If your words don’t create emotion for your partner then you probably missed the boat on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Step 8: Musician, Photographer, Videographer, Paparazzi, Planned….so many questions but what do you need? Music is always a nice touch, a photographer is a must but how should it be done? Do you want a video to capture the moment? Do you want a surprise photographer to be hidden to get their reaction? Do you want a photoshoot right after to capture the beautiful but professional moments only a seasoned photographer could get? Let us help you make these decisions. We will get prices, vendors, and help you decide on exactly what fits best for your proposal!

Step 9: What to do before a proposal: Ask the father’s permission, consider a manicure for both partner’s hands, (you will most likely be photographed), have the correct ring size, make sure you thought the entire proposal out, make sure you have help of a proposal planner if needed. What not to do: don’t tell too many people, (even friends will get jealous, gossip, and ruin the surprise). OH and definitely DON’T propose without the ring lol!! Seems like a lot right? Let us take that stress off of your shoulders. We can help plan as much or as little as you need!

Step 10: Day of proposal checklist:

Charge your cell phone…trust me you don’t want it dying when you have all these people hitting you up for where to go and when. Also to communicate with all the vendors or proposal planner. Don’t carry around a lot of bulky stuff in your me it looks bad in pictures. We can also hook you up with a good ring and ring box company that is sleek and thin. Your partner will never know your'e carrying it around with you.

Bonus Step!!!

What knee do you get down on….most men bend the right knee (although I can’t say this ultimately will matter to your partner :). Also have a sincere speech prepared. One that will pull at the heart strings. Stay on your knee until she accepts and comes to you, only then should you put the ring on her finger. Have patience, it will feel like forever…let the moment happen!

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